For Those Living with Disabilities

Access Santa Cruz County

With a grant from the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County, Shared Adventures created a 64 page accessibility guide to Santa Cruz County. This bilingual (Spanish/English) publication addresses the a variety of accessibility needs for both locals and visitors, and promotes businesses that are accessible. This guide is available free at many locations across the county, as well as online at

Access Trade

Are you looking to Buy, Sell, Trade, or Give accessible equipment or supplies? You can be instantly connected with local community members through an Access Trade forum on the Access Santa Cruz County website. This is a 100% FREE service for our large group of followers, and is our way of saying THANK YOU for your support!

Beach Wheelchair Days

Would you like to have your own one-person Day on the Beach? We rent out our beloved Beach Wheelchairs throughout the year. Rentals are from 1-6 days.