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Day on the Beach

View the new Day on the Beach Website for the latest updates, registration, and information on how you can sponsor Day on the Beach.

Day on the Beach, the highlight of each year, where people with special needs and volunteers team up to share a full day of kayaking, outrigger canoeing, SCUBA diving, beach wheelchair rides, and life-changing memories. Day on the Beach has given participants and volunteers an unforgettable experience of breaking through barriers and seeing dreams become reality.

Generous volunteers lay down over 170 pieces of plywood on frames, creating a unique 5,700 square foot platform on the beach that enables those with mobility issues to travel over the sand with ease to all of our activities. We also offer beach wheel chair rides as an opportunity to explore the beach in a new way!

Every year we have free live music and entertainment, free food, sandcastle buiding, and much more! Participants represent a diverse range of ages (4 to 83 years old), and come from across the state and even the country to attend.

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17th Annual Day on the Beach
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250 volunteers
120 Outrigger Canoe Rides
50 Kayak Rides
35 SCUBA and Floatation Rides
Dozens of Beach Wheelchair Rides
An AWESOME beach party for more than 800 guests
Performances by:
DJ King Jeff
Inspirational 4
Aerial Arts Santa Cruz
10 O'clock Lunch

2017 Day on the Beach: Sat, July 8

Registration for 2017 will open on our website in June! Join our e-mail list to receive announcemnts about Day on the Beach!